Gas company: County saves $7,400 in 5 months with IGA


COLUMBIA CITY — IGS Energy has reported that Whitley County has saved $7,400 in five months this winter by using its company versus the county’s natural gas provider, NIPSCO.

IGS is one year into a three-year contract with the county to provide natural gas for the county’s facilities, and an official with IGS told County Commissioner Tom Western that there has been significant savings. In the month of November alone, they saved $1,000 versus what they would have paid if they weren’t with IGA, a company official said.

However, some commissioners were skeptical of those figures, and how they came to the final cost savings.

“We’re getting the information from them — I don’t know otherwise,” Commissioner Don Amber said. “I would just love to see some documentation somewhere that shows what the cost would have been if we bought from NIPSCO. It’s like asking a car salesman how much you are saving. We don’t know.”

The previous contract was signed January 2016. The commissioners agreed to seek out trustworthy information prior to signing another three-year contract with IGS.

“It doesn’t seem like natural gas costs are volatile right now, or that they will be in the near future,” Western said.