Whitley Chamber putting an emphasis on local artists


COLUMBIA CITY — This year, the Whitley County Chamber of Commerce will be unveiling space dedicated to highlighting the creative works of artists in the community.

Through an exhibit and retail space, the Whitley Chamber will offer regular opportunities to highlight and celebrate local artists of the past and present.

The project represents one facet of a larger initiative that will be launched by the Whitley County Chamber of Commerce this year.

At no charge, residents of this community and visitors will be able to enjoy this space for reflection, personal enjoyment and for purchasing local art.

“Finding and developing ways to celebrate the arts and culture of our community is very important to creating a well-rounded community where people will want to visit and choose to live,” said Jennifer Romano, executive director of the Whitley County Chamber of Commerce.

“For that reason, we feel that the Whitley Chamber, as a stakeholder in the community, has an incredible opportunity to incorporate the arts into the business we do and the service we provide to the community.

“Additionally, this provides an opportunity for local artists to market their work and we are supporting their small business endeavors.”

Romano said more information about this initiative will be announced in the coming weeks.

“We are excited to designate public space to be enjoyed in this way and we look forward to building partnerships within our community that will bring this to fruition,” Romano added.

Artists, craftsmen and makers interested in participating are urged to contact the Whitley County Chamber of Commerce via email at office@whitleychamber.com or call 248-8131.

The Whitley County Chamber of Commerce is the advocate, the resource and the champion for local business and non-profit organizations in Whitley County.