Health Dept. to offer free opioid overdose kits

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COLUMBIA CITY — Whitley County’s Health Department will be receiving 40 Naloxone kits from the Indiana Health Department.

Scott Wagner, of the Whitley County Health Department, said the kits will be available for free to any resident who goes through the proper training.
“Our nurses will be teaching a class for those,” Wagner said. “They can go to anyone in the public, such as a family member of a user.”
Naloxone, also known as Narcan, reverses the effects of an opioid overdose in emergency situations.
Many local law enforcement officers and paramedics carry naloxone while on duty.
Those who receive the kits and go through training will also have to sign a liability release.
Commissioner Don Amber voiced his opinion about the availability of Naloxone versus other lifesaving drugs.
“People are paying hundreds of dollars for epipens, and they’re giving away Narcan,” Amber said. “There seems to be something totally wrong with that scenario. These are for opioid overdoses and we’re just giving them away.”