CHURUBUSCO — Jeremy Hart was selected to be Smith-Green Community Schools’ newest board member on Monday.

Hart was one of three applicants for the at-large position, which was vacated by Carey Jacquay at February’s board meeting.

Hart is the town supervisor for Churubusco and in his interview last week, he said he wanted to become more involved with the school system. He is also on the town’s strategic planning committee.

He has been town supervisor since 1998.

“I really just want to be apart of all the students’ lives at Smith-Green schools,” Hart said in his interview. “I’ve done a lot in this community. This is one thing I have not done.”

Hart said he often visits his children for lunch at the school, and has come to know many of the students and staff in the building. Additionally, Hart’s wife volunteers at the school weekly.

Hart said he believes Superintendent Galen Mast has been a strength for the district, and he hopes the board can find similar replacement for him.

Mast recently took the job as superintendent at West Noble. He will leave SGCS during summer break.

Hart also says he believes the district should focus on raising enrollment to increase funding for SGCS.

In the general election last year, Hart narrowly lost to board member Luke Gross.

The board unanimously voted for Hart, who took his seat at the table for his first meeting Monday night.

Jacquay served on two committees: the wellness committee and the high ability committee. Hart agreed to continue with Jacquay’s roles in those groups.