SOUTH WHITLEY — Parking and parks were two topics of discussion at Tuesday’s South Whitley Town Council meeting.

At the March 14 meeting, Town Marshal Mikel VanDevender asked the council for guidance on how to enforce the two-hour parking time limit in downtown South Whitley.

The council answered his question Tuesday by electing to begin enforcing the town’s two-hour parking signs starting April 12. VanDevender said it will be universally enforced for everyone in the town. Anyone caught parking longer than two hours will receive a warning. After that, a citation will be issued.

“My goal is to be able to handle it without citations,” VanDevender said.

VanDevender also informed the council that a Lenovo laptop would be purchased to replace a failing computer. The laptop will cost 1,164.60. VanDevender informed the council because the cost is over $1,000. The police department has authorization to purchase up to $5,000 before needing approval from the council.VanDevender also wanted the council’s approval to purchase 3 GPS pucks at $50 a piece. These devices would allow dispatch to see the location of the police car. This would allow dispatch to send the closest officer to the scene improving response time.

Judy Earnhart, of the park board, also sought guidance from the council Tuesday. The park board’s budget is $7,500 and the park has about $6,000 in projects this year.

Projects include replacing the water fountain that currently doesn’t work; replacing 24 railroad ties around the playground equipment, at Hagan Park that have been deemed a safety hazard due to bees living in the wooden ties. A section of fence along the basketball court would also be repaired.

The cost of the water fountain would be about $1,246. $80 per piece of railroad tie. The section of fence would cost between $1,700 and $2,000. The council considered purchasing the water fountain for the park, but Councilman Bill Boggs suggested that once the park exhausted its own funds, the council would look in to assisting if something came up. Greg Hockemeyer, town attorney, also said that the park board could seek a grant from the Whitley County Community Foundation.

Kent Slater, waste water operator and crew leader, told the council the water line at the Marathon gas station has been plugging shut. The line is going to have to be replaced because it is a lead line. To replace the line, crews will bore under the road. This will cause a few cuts in the road and cost $6,500, however, the alternative would cause the road to be closed and cost $8,000.

Lori Starkey requested $200 from the council to help pay for hanging flowers, which was approved.

The council also approved a $1,751.17 credit for a sewer bill.