Mug Shot
Nicholas Smith

CHURUBUSCO — A man who recently moved to Churubusco was arrested last week after falsely reporting a child abduction.

Nicholas W. Smith, 21, has been charged with two counts of false reporting after telling police a girl between the age of 5-7 was abducted by three black males in a white van.

According to Churubusco Town Marshal Mike Engle, Smith told police that the “suspects” pointed a gun at him.

“A broadcast was put out, and several detectives heard the broadcast and reported to the scene,” Engle said.

Detective Bill Brice soon determined that it was a false report, and that three days earlier, Smith allegedly lied to police again, telling them someone was breaking into Papa’s Place, where he was employed at the time.

Smith is no longer employed at Papa’s Place, Engle reported.