COLUMBIA CITY — A total of 16 people have been arrested on methamphetamine charges in the past week.

After arresting eight people last Wednesday, Whitley County law enforcement officials arrested eight more individuals on Tuesday.

A press release by Whitley County Prosecutor D.J. Sigler indicates the two interdictions were not related.

“Drug interdictions like we’ve seen in the last week are a perfect example of the tremendous investigative work and collaboration in Whitley County,” Sigler said. “Today’s arrests send a crystal clear message to those who would victimize our community by selling this poison to others.”

Sigler thanked Columbia City Police Chief Tony Hively and Sheriff Marc Gatton for their leadership.

The recent arrests were the culmination of a five-month undercover investigation into local drug activity, spearheaded by the Drug Task Force. Representatives of the DTF, CCPD and Whitley County Sheriff’s Department conducted multiple, coordinated investigations, some involving the use of undercover officers and confidential informants.

The following were arrested:

• Kristine M. Hart: Dealing in methamphetamine and possession of methamphetamine.

• Darin M. Faurote: Dealing in cocaine, dealing in a narcotic drug.

• Adam Geiselman: Dealing in methamphetamine and dealing in marijuana.

• Angela R. Tarlton: Dealing in methamphetamine.

• Paige A. Herendeen: Dealing in methamphetamine and dealing in a controlled substance.

• Matthew A. Swindle: Dealing in methamphetamine and dealing in a schedule I controlled substance.

• Eric W. Fisher: Dealing in a schedule I controlled substance.

• James Rodman: Dealing in marijuana.