COLUMBIA CITY — A pair of students and their art teacher created 7-foot-tall, 14-foot-long mural depicting Columbia City High School.

The mural took six months of hard work, and the girls hope it will serve as a way to memorialize the old school in the new building, which begins construction this summer.

The mural consists of 16 canvases of different sizes, each depicting a different style of art or artist. Hannah Pease, Valerie Michel and their teacher Tammy Banks each worked on different pieces, which came together perfectly.

The project began as an idea for a homecoming project.

“It was going to be much smaller, but Mrs. Banks encouraged us to go bigger,” Pease said.

The trio decided what styles they wanted to use, then decided how to lay it out.

“We moved them around until it gelled together just right,” Banks said.

Pease and Michel, seniors, are students in Banks’ art classes, but didn’t use class time to do the work — most of it was done at home.

“They probably had a lot of paint and oil in their houses, on their carpet,” Banks said.

The girls’ parents were obviously supportive of the project, as one of the girls’ parents bought an airbrush for one of the sections.

Using an airbrush was a brand new style for the girls, but other styles were more familiar, learned in Banks’ classes.

Michel said her favorite piece as Van Gogh and Pease enjoyed creating the surrealism piece, which depicts an elephant’s trunk in a tree trunk.

Styles and artists used were: Picasso’s Blue Period, surrealism, pointillism, impressionism, cartoon, Pollock, airbrush, realism, Monet, fauvism, infrared filter, cubism, Van Gogh, Miro, fingerpaint and pop art.

Pease plans to attend Ivy Tech this fall and then go into art school. Michel plans to attend the University of Cincinnati.

Another CCHS teacher plans to make a plaque that will be displayed with the mural.