COLUMBIA CITY — It was just another day of third shift police work for officers Heath Fearnow and Caleb Cook.

The Columbia City Police officers stopped at McDonald’s at about 1:30 a.m. to eat dinner, when their night suddenly got more interesting.

“When we pulled into McDonald’s we saw a huge recreational vehicle. When we walked past it, we saw 60-inch televisions all over inside it,” Cook said.

When the officers got inside the restaurant, they met a pair of men talking about traveling.

“We ordered our food and Heath walked past them and started shooting the breeze,” Cook said.

The officers were talking to the men about the RV, which they said was worth $450,000.

“They looked around to make sure nobody was listening, then told us that the lead singer of ZZ Top was on the bus,” Fearnow said. “We asked if he was awake and if we could meet him.”

Billy Gibbons, who had performed in Fort Wayne that night, came out of the bus and gave the officers T-shirts, guitar picks and key chains.

“He came out and asked if he could take a picture with us in front of our cars,” Cook said. “He said he really liked the look of our police cars.”

The officers said Gibbons was “cool, normal and down to earth.”

The officers said it was neat to have a positive experience on third shift, when they typically don’t.

“We usually deal with the negative side of things,” Cook said. “This time it was something crazy, but it was crazy in a good way.”

Gibbons told the officers he was traveling from his show in Fort Wayne to Bourbon, Ind., where he reserved a spot at a shooting range.