SOUTH WHITLEY — Whitko High School’s graduating students of 2017 received their diplomas on Friday, June 2.

Principal John Snyder delivered his graduation speech to the fully packed gymnasium, beginning with a quote attributed to famous author Mark Twain that reads: “The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.”

He went on to tell the graduates that this day was not about them.

“Instead, it’s about being there when others are vulnerable,” Snyder explained. “It’s about using your skills to make others’ lives easier. It’s about equipping others with the skills to make people better. It’s about treating people fairly and honestly. It’s about sharing your gifts to make the world better. It’s about being willing to sacrifice to others. It’s about giving the next generation hope and kindness.”

With each of these pronouncements, he gave an example of someone from the student body and how their futures applied.

“It’s not about fame, it’s about the lives you impact every single day,” Snyder said at the conclusion of his speech. “Seek truth, not trend.”

The graduation ceremony ended with students lighting candles and holding them high in the air to demonstrate how alone their lights may seem insignificant, but when you raise yourself and others up you can light up the world.