CHURUBUSCO – “I am glad to make a speech in front of you today because if you know me, you know I love attention,” opened Churubusco High School’s 2017 Salutatorian Trevor Kelley.

He continued with a comical speech that engaged the packed gymnasium at Churubusco Jr.-Sr. High School on Friday, June 9.

“It has been said that fear is the greatest motivator,” Kelley said. “For me, food has always been a better one.”

“If I were offered cake as a reward, I would do well at everything.”

Ninety-five graduates accepted their diplomas and are ready to begin their post-high school lives. Seventy-one graduates will be attending some form of higher education, be it a technical school or university. Sixteen will go straight into the workforce. Six will join the military, and two graduates are undecided.

“I made it. You made it. We made it,” Irish Starkey, 2017 valedictorian said.

The valedictorian spoke about focusing on what’s important — bottles and buns.

“It has been said that life is full of bottles and buns. If we lose focus on bottles, they break. They are the important things in life that need care and attention. Buns are important too, but they are alright if we leave them alone for a little while.”

Throughout high school, Starkey said, “We realized some people’s bottles are other people’s buns. When we watch each other’s bottles, we all do better.”

’Busco’s Class of 2017 was a talented and well-rounded one, according to Principal Jim Folland, with students excelling in FFA, music, academics and sports of all varieties, including a strong representation of the sectional-winning basketball team.

The ceremony concluded with the students forming a circle with candles before the traditional celebratory throwing of the hats.