WHITLEY COUNTY – Following a notable increase in the number of emergency transports over a period of several months, Parkview Health added a fourth ambulance to its fleet in Whitley County.

Parkview now has ambulances based in Columbia City, Churubusco, South Whitley and, most recently, Thorncreek Township, in north central Whitley County. The ambulance will be stationed at the Thorncreek Fire Station from 9 a.m.-9 p.m., seven days a week.

“We continually monitor our response time to meet the needs of the community, and we’re proud of our average response time of only eight minutes in Whitley County,” Duane Ginder, manager for EMS at Parkview Whitley Hospital, said in a statement. “While our response time is well below the industry standard of 13 minutes, we know that to sustain – or improve – our time, we need to grow with the community.”

Parkview provides emergency medical transport services in Whitley County under a five-year contract executed with the county’s board of commissioners in May 2016. The fourth ambulance is being provided at no additional expense to the county.

“We made the decision to add another ambulance several months ago, based on the data we were monitoring,” Ginder said. “Our EMTs and paramedics are now hired, trained and excited to serve the community with efficiency and the highest quality emergency care.”