COLUMBIA CITY — After being tabled at the last meeting due to legal clarifications, the Whitley County Commissioners passed the “Interim Overlay Zoning District” proposed by the Plan Commission.

“In the last two weeks, I and legal counsel met about legal passport precedent concerns and technical changes,” said Nathan Bilger, executive director of Planning and Building. “The changes were made to establish that the ordinance lasts 12 months from the adoption to make it compliant.”

Commissioner Don Amber questioned if the 12-month period was long enough to fully discuss the topic, but Bilger assured him 12 months will be enough time.

“The CFO (confined feeding operation) component, based on discussions we’ve had, we’ve identified problems and can decide on it very quickly,” Bilger said. “The residential component will take longer, but will still be done in 12 months.”

From here, the ordinance returns to the Plan Commission for review. If it is passed or they fail to address it within 45 days, it will be ratified. If commission members choose to alter it, it will return to commissioners for further approval.

In other Whitley County Commissioners news:

• Stanley Crump, the county’s representative on the Resource Conservation and Development Council of the not-for-profit Wood Land Lakes came before the commissioners with concerns about his future on the board. A board member who was “quintessential” and acted as a moral compass for the company retired, and Crump worries if the company will stay legally sound.

“If it isn’t continuing to be up to date with the legalities of land trusts,” Crump said. “It’s not something I’m sure I can associate with.”

Crump came to the commissioners as his term on the board was up for renewal. Commissioners approved another three-year term on the board, but allowed it to be conditional so that Crump may leave if he feels it necessary.

• Commissioners approved a new, five-year multihazard mitigation plan, which is funded through a grant and will be overseen by Emergency Management Agency Director Amy Biggs. Christopher B. Burke Engineering will work with Biggs to update the County’s plan.

Biggs also requested and received a credit card for the Emergency Management Agency, which will be kept under close watch to prevent fraud.

• The bid for the jail’s walk-in chiller and freezer system was granted to Shambaugh & Sons for their bid of $201,607. Work on the project can begin anytime.