COLUMBIA CITY — Dance Til’ U Drop, a dance studio in business since 1994, recently had a major facelift at its location at 655 W. U.S. Business 30.

“I think your storefront says a lot about your company,” said Scott Frazier, who along with his wife, April, owns and operates the studio. “We wanted to draw people’s attention as they drive by too. We’ve had people who are non-related to dancing of any kind and they stop in just to say how nice it looks.”

Scott is a hip-hop instructor, while April instructs tap, jazz and contemporary. Students age 3 and older are currently enrolled in the dance academy.

“We have had up to 45 boy dancers, which is huge,” Scott Frazier said. “There are some studios that have none. Dance has a stigma that it’s just for girls, but when you take the time to look at the industry, the majority are men. TV shows like ‘Dancing with the Stars’ has helped break that mold, because you have all sorts of athletes come on that show. Some of the greatest hip-hop and tap dancers are men.”

Contemporary dancing in particular, has taken the community and nation by storm, he said.

“Contemporary dance is the trendiest kind of dance right now, most likely because it’s very popular on TV shows like ‘So You Think You Can Dance.’ It’s more expressive with the lyrics, and that’s part of the appeal of it,” he said.

The Fraziers employ six additional instructors who teach a variety of different styles such as gymnastics, cheer, hip-hop, pop and ballet. They also have a guitar instructor.

Many people may recognize the Fraziers from Lifetime’s “Dance Moms,” where they made a brief appearance in an episode.

“I like to say that was our 10 seconds of fame,” he said.

Scott Frazier has danced since his teen years. He says the industry has grown tenfold since then.

“There weren’t these kinds of opportunities for dance when I was a kid. I tell them that they’re lucky to have a place like this to learn hip hop. Back in my teen days you would just learn it yourself at home,” he said.

Instructing is rewarding for both he and April. A few former students have danced on a bigger stage with the Indiana Pacers and the Indianapolis Colts. The dancers also learn life lessons through the discipline required to be successful in the field of dance.

“These kids learn a lot outside of dance,” said Scott Frazier. “They are taught many aspects of life. My wife and I receive letters from past dancers that thank us. It’s very humbling.”