Appropriately, a week prior to the Thanksgiving feast, the Community Foundation of Whitley County thanked a number of amazing residents and organizations.

This was the 20th year the foundation hosted its Heart of Gold program and, once again, reminded the community what wonderful residents it has.

Living in a community that cares is a quality that is difficult to market but one that is incredibly important to the makeup of Whitley County. This community recognizes the small things.

Take Landon Reimer for example. This teenager did what came naturally to him – visiting his injured friend almost daily at the hospital. But his act of kindness did not go unnoticed and he was one of the nominees recognized by the Community Foundation.

Also among the nominees were folks who make it their mission to champion the good work others are doing. This is the example Shelby Lamm has set. She made advocating for the TROY Center her job because she believes in the opportunities the educators there are providing students.

The individuals who were recognized may argue that they didn’t do anything to deserve the nominations they received because they were just going about their lives, doing what they believe is right or just or needed. But it’s for this very reason we are so glad that the Community Foundation takes time to host the Heart of Gold program.

In the same light, over this Thanksgiving weekend holiday, we would encourage all residents to make a list of the local residents for which they are thankful. These individuals may be a friendly neighbor, a trustworthy caregiver or the reliable mail carrier. The individuals could be within our own households, places of work and places of worship.

Be sure to thank these individuals who make your life better by being who they are and doing what they do. We find ourselves lucky to be able to live and work in a community that has so many people who enrich the quality of life for us all.