IN|Whitley County posed the following question on its Facebook page: Do you feel mental health needs are being met in Whitley County? What can be done to improve our community?

Here are your responses:

Meghan Kelly: No they are not. I need to see someone but I can’t afford it, so my mental issues really don’t matter to this town.

Kayla Enyeart: As a parent with a child with mental health issues it takes a army to help them! …there should be classes to help parents with warning signs for suicide and everything, and if they are out there then publish them more.. give classes to help parents help their children with different mental health needs!

Kelly Kilander: Might be worth looking into, we have an almost brand new hospital without a lot of resources to go with it. We need occupational therapy for children with autism. More support and information for families and children with special needs. More help with mental illness. What good is a brand new hospital if I have to drive to Fort Wayne for everything? Not everyone has the gas money or time for that. Defeats the whole reason for building a new hospital. Kinda like it’s just for looks not for helping us.

Elisha Koher: I 100 percent agree Kelly Kilander! One in 10 children have autism. What resources do we have?! We have a brand new hospital, but not one that specializes with our autistic children! Schools and teachers also need proper training! Kids should be our main priority, and we are failing those with special needs!

Dusty Blackburn: My daughter has high functioning autism and we definitely need more resources. Dr. Bystricky is amazing and got my daughter diagnosed early. Driving to Fort Wayne all the time for support and resources stinks.

Nancy Butcher Shopteese: The real answer is Jesus. He is still in the healing business. Spirit. Mind. And body. Best counselor ever.

Jon Strack: How about accepting help from volunteers who are willing to assist in suicide prevention and bullying awareness? Several organizations have been overlooked or pushed to the side from certain individuals in the community who are supposed to care for the well-being of our school children. To only hide behind the programs presented and available by the Bowen Center because they partner with them. Give these children another option. Those kids getting picked on or are thinking about killing themselves that doesn’t involve faculty and actually is organized by a group of individuals who care and will volunteer their time and efforts to make sure that another tragedy does not happen within the WCCS community.