Every Christmas since 1984, community members have come together to put on an amazing display — a live nativity scene with a lot for children to learn and see. Since then, some traditions have come and gone, but this tradition could be at risk for extinction if people don’t volunteer.

Craig and Ginger Crosson are chairman and secretary, respectively, for the Whitley County Community Christmas at the Courthouse, and were worried the display wouldn’t take place this year due to a lack of volunteers. In total, the event requires 65 volunteers. Although enough people came together this year, we encourage the community to step up and be a part of one of the many things that make Christmas in Whitley County great.

Other long traditions around Christmastime also take place in downtown Columbia City. One is an over 100-year-old tradition on Christmas Eve — treats from the Columbia City Fire Department inside the Courthouse on the night of Christmas Eve.

Another is Santa’s House, which has been parked at the northwest corner of the Courthouse Square since the day after Thanksgiving and the Clugston Senior Apartments hosts the Walk of Trees every year.

We want to see these great things continue, but we know that the same few people can’t keep doing all of the hard work to put on these events.

It’s not just Christmastime — it’s all the time. Look at any one of Whitley County’s communities, and you’ll see the same few people at the head of most events. Our communities are fortunate to have people such as Madalyn Bartl in Churubusco, Jennifer Romano in Columbia City and Randy Cokl in South Whitley, but they can’t do it all.

Not everyone is good at coming up with their own ideas or being leaders of major events, but maybe simply asking, “How can I help?” will help our communities be able to continue our traditions, and start new ones.