COLUMBIA CITY — Barbara “B.J.” Hohenstein announced last week that she will be seeking the Whitley County Commissioner position for District 2 in the Whitley County May 8 Republican primary election.

Hohenstein is a 15-year resident


of Whitley County. She is the successful business owner and founder of Medical Management Resources, a medical practice management consulting firm located in Columbia City that was founded 30 years ago.

“I will protect the resources our community depends on for a healthy and strong future,” she said in a statement.

The last 30 years of owning my own business and being actively involved in leading healthy living groups and organizations have prepared me for this opportunity of giving back to my community as a County Commissioner.

“The primary role for the County Commissioner should be to support, advocate and ensure the health and safety of the people of Whitley County,” she said. “There are many threatening issues among us today and many more that will arise and I am committed to ensuring these issues do not compromise the health and safety of our residents.”

Hohenstein believes a County Commissioner should be accessible and an active communications link between the residents and the county government operations.

“As a 30-year business owner and over 44 years in the healthcare field along with participating as an active citizen of Whitley County, I’m constantly in touch with both citizens and business owners. I understand their concerns, needs and desires of the citizens of Whitley County,” she said.

“I believe that the foundation of any healthy and strong community should include education, communication, coordinated support operations and always doing what is best for the common good of all residents.”

Hohenstein also has a passion for being proactive in diversifying Whitley County economic development.

“To achieve a sustainable and healthy county, we must work together to ensure the changes we make and the business growth we build be supported by strong infrastructure and is coordinated in a manner that is not counter to our county comprehensive plan,” she said.