WHITLEY COUNTY — Sheriff Marc Gatton is ready to kick up the campaign trail for his second term as Whitley County Sheriff.

Gatton will officially file for candidacy this month, he said in a statement. Gatton has served with the Whitley County Sheriff’s Department since December 1994, at which time he started as a reserve deputy volunteering his time. He started working full-time in June 1995, then was elected sheriff in 2014.

“Working for Whitley County citizens as sheriff has been an honor,” Gatton said. “I hope to continue for another four years. There’s plenty more work to be done.”

Gatton is proud of the employees at the Whitley County Sherriff’s Department.

“The staff that surrounds me makes me look good for things they do,” he said.

Gatton said the department is facing many challenges now and in the future. Some of these are the opiod crisis, jail issues, staffing and money restraints throughout county government.

Gatton is the first sheriff in Whitley County’s history to purchase two vehicles for department use at no cost to the taxpayers. Both vehicles were purchased with commissary money, not taxpayers dollars.

“I’m very proud of that accomplishment and hope to continue being able to save the county taxpayers money,” Gatton said. “We must be proactive and keep looking for ways to improve and solve issues that are best for Whitley County.”

Gatton is a lifelong Whitley County resident. He resides in the Collins area with his wife of almost 22 years, Kay. They have two children — Carson, 18, who attends Trine University studying criminal justice, and Max, 15, who is a sophomore at Churubusco High School.

Gatton thanks his family and friends for their support.

“These are the people who made me who I am today. I would especially like to thank my wife Kay for always supporting and pushing me to do better,” he said.