By Grayson Bradberry, Julian Herron

The LTES Student News Group

Editor’s note: The following is the first in a series of articles written by the Little Turtle Student News Group.

COLUMBIA CITY — You might have noticed the new building being built while you are driving down State Road 9. That is the new high school Columbia City is building. Columbia City High School and Eagle Tech Academy are coming together in one building in August of 2020.

When ETA was being built, they couldn’t add on to the old high school because there wasn’t enough room. ETA requires bigger rooms than the high school. When the new school opens, CCHS will be torn down. ETA is a newer school so it won’t be destroyed like the high school. ETA will be used to teach adults.

CCHS and ETA are going to be combined in the new high school for lots of reasons. One reason is that ETA students have to take some of their classes at the high school, and to do this they have to take a bus, drive or walk. If we combine the two schools it will be easier for the ETA students to take classes at the high school. Also by combining the two schools it will open up a lot more opportunities for all of the students.

Patricia O’Connor, the superintendent, said the ETA and CCHS will be in separate wings of the school, although they will remain in the same building.

Mr. Hoag, the construction liaison, says that the new high school will be able to hold up to 1,200 students.

Combining the two schools will have its ups and downs. For example, one ETA student said, “If we combine we could lose the magic of ETA.”

ETA is such a different way of learning that the students worry that they will lose their way of learning when the two schools are combined. ETA students are also used to the small school atmosphere at ETA, so it might be hard for them to adjust. It is kind of like that feeling when you are moving to a different house.

The students have mixed emotions about leaving their school. Even though they are worried about the two schools combining, ETA students like that they won’t have to get on the bus to go to other classes. ETA students also say it might also help stop the rivalry between the two schools.

CCHS students think that one of the hard things about moving to the new high school will be losing the memories of CCHS. Right now they are two separate schools, but in two years they will become one. CCHS is an old school. The school floods and the power goes out, but there still are a lot of memories like a wall where students sign their names on. The students at the high school are sad that it will get destroyed because all the physical memories will be lost. CCHS students also think the new high school will be good because the new school won’t have floods and lose power frequently.

Columbia City is building the new high school for many reasons. One of those reasons is that the high school right now floods a lot and loses power frequently. They are also building the new high school so the ETA students can get to the classes that they need to take at the high school easier. Columbia City is building a new high school and it will open up a lot more opportunities.