COLUMBIA CITY — Columbia City Athletic Director Kelly Leitch has become a modern-day statistical archaeologist.

Leitch is currently in the process of trying to find statistical data for all of the CCHS sports and make sure it is documented for moving forward.

“I’ve been trying to hunt down all the records here,” said Leitch. “I think it’s important.”

Columbia City, like every other school, kept track of records on paper for decades. All-time records for some sports were then transferred to computer files and some were not. Over time, records were lost as head coaching positions changed. Paper files were stowed away in folders and, as a result, not much has been done to make any of the historical data digital.

Leitch is trying to change all of that.

The Columbia City athletic director has contacted all of his coaches in an effort to get that information all gathered together.

Leitch just received the stats for boys basketball. Some sports, such as wrestling, swimming and track and field have been easier to keep tabs on, as those records are all listed on big boards.

Leitch would like to see all of the sports handled that way.

“My goal is to have them on a big board for every single sport we have when we get to the new school,” said Leitch. “I’m confident we will get hold of everything.”

Leitch would like to also have a digital file of all of the records. That would make the task of updating information much easier. And, having all of that information in one central location would decrease the likelihood of it being misplaced again.

When Columbia City gets all of the statistics compiled it will give fans a look into the past like never before. Basketball fans will be able to see which former girls player has the most rebounds. Track fans can look at times and figure out who had the fastest time in the 100-meter dash for the Eagles. Having statistical information isn’t just about the past, though.

If all of that information is available to Leitch and the head coaches, they will all know when a record is about to be broken. When a softball pitcher is about to set a new career record for most strikeouts, her accomplishment can be celebrated.A centralized database will allow players to be recognized for their athletic milestone while it is happening, not afterward.

Leitch did acknowledge that some of the statistical information may already be in the school. He hopes to start working through the filing cabinets full of paper files this summer to begin piecing the puzzles together for the different sports.

Once Leitch has all of the information, fans will have a full look at the great athletes of Columbia City’s past. Those records will also serve as motivation for future athletes to someday have their names on the big boards.