CHURUBUSCO — “I just wanted to honor Cameron.”

When Lisa Pippenger purchased the tanning salon in Turtletown Plaza last September, she wanted the name to be one to honor the father of Karrington Amber, her granddaughter.

Pippenger’s daughter, Nicole, was engaged to Cameron Amber and pregnant with Karrington when Cameron was tragically killed in a car accident in 2010.

Though Karrington never got the chance to meet her father, his memory is carried on, such as in the name of the tanning salon, Oasis 27.

The number 27 was Cameron’s football number. Cameron was a stand-out quarterback for the Eagles. Now, a large “27” decorates the entrance of the tanning salon.

“Karrington (age 7) is in here all the time,” Nicole Pippenger said. “It helps keep the memory alive in her eyes. People ask her what that 27 is for.”

Lisa Pippenger and Cameron’s mother, Marna, who is the salon’s manager, continue to have a close relationship, even taking vacations together.

“Between Karrington and our other grandkids, it’s what keeps me going and keeps me busy,” Marna Amber said. “The busier we are, the less we have time to dwell on sad things — and we like to be together.”

Lisa Pippenger bought the tanning salon because she “loves to tan” and wanted a project for when she retires from her full-time job.

Lisa and Marna have made many updates to the salon, including four new tanning beds, a new “mega” bed and updated bulbs. Additionally, the salon offers airbrushed tanning, and recently began selling clothing.

“We just love to shop and wanted something to go along with tanning,” Lisa said.

The salon has new flooring, the walls have been repainted and the bathroom is remodeled.

Karrington loves spending time in the store.

“She thinks she can run the register,” Marna said.