COLUMBIA CITY — The winner of the Morsches Park Major League wasn’t much of a surprise for the players and fans of Auto World.

The undefeated Auto World squad completed its 13th game with a win over VFW, the second-seeded team in the lead.

Led by stand-out pitcher Adler Kneller, Auto World held VFW scoreless, 5-0. Kneller delivered 11 strikeouts.

At the beginning of the season, coach Jeff Kirchner didn’t expect his squad to be undefeated.

“I didn’t expect them to be this good,” Kirchner said. “It was hard work from the first practice on. We worked hard on fundamentals.”

The squad showed “lots” of improvement throughout the season, especially in batting.

“At the beginning of the season, only 2-3 players could hit well. At the end of the season, all of them could hit,” Kirchner said. “There’s been improvement all over.”

VFW coach Robert McKinzie expected the game to be a challenge with Kneller on the mound.

“He is an absolute awesome pitcher,” McKinzie said. “For our boys to struggle getting a hit against him doesn’t surprise me.”

Despite the loss, McKinzie is proud of his team’s dedication.

“From beginning to end, their improvement was absolutely awesome,” he said.