Editor’s note: This article was written by students at Northern Heights Elementary School.

COLUMBIA CITY — The new high school is coming up, and we have some information about the sports and extracurricular activities from the athletic director, Mr. Khelli Leitch. A lot of you have probably have been wondering and no, there are not going to be any new sports or extracurricular activities at the new high school. You will not have to pay to participate in extracurricular activities. There is no cost for jerseys and you don’t always get to pick your number.

If you want to be in sports and extracurricular activities you have to pass 70 percent of your credit classes. If you are in a sport or extracurricular activity you have to balance doing your homework with practice time. Students who are interested in a particular sport and seek the opportunity may get picked for the team. You probably should not try out for something if you are not interested, or if you are not going to play. Students will not be in activities if they do not show up to practice. At the high school level, there is more pressure to win, so try your very best! Coaches often have students who are team captains to help in the leadership of the team. Remember that if you have bad sportsmanship you may be kicked off of the team.

Some sports, like swimming and golf, will be held at different sites other than the school, however, some sports that are currently at another site will be held at the new high school. If your team cannot practice outside, there may be extra space available. The spaces in the high school will be the wrestling room, main gym, extra gym which has a drop-down net for multiple sports at once, and the weight room!

Thank you for reading our article and we hope you are excited to try out for a CCHS team! Have fun and try your best!