CHURUBUSCO — Eva and Gordon Gilbert and Neva and Herbert Gaff celebrate 65 years of marriage this year. The two couples shared a double wedding on July 11, 1953.

The twin sisters, Eva and Neva Garrison, grew up on a farm in Churubusco, milking cows and assisting their parents and sisters with chores. When they were barely old enough to attend school, a boy moved in with his grandmother down the road.

“Gordon was ornery,” Eva said. “He and his brother would sit behind us on the school bus and pull our little hats.”

In 1950, the twin sisters started high school and Gordon completed his senior year. Herbert graduated the year after and joined the Air Force. The May that Neva and Eva graduated, Neva and Herbert’s mother drove down to Texas, where he was stationed, to pay him a visit.

With all of the farm work and Herbert and Gordon’s busy schedules, finding two separate days in the summer to have weddings with similar company was difficult. Neva was the one who suggested they invite all of their family and friends on one day for a double wedding.

Their wedding was held at the Evangelical United Brethren Church in Churubusco, which conveniently had two aisles. As Neva was a few minutes older than Eva, their father walked her down the aisle and Gordon’s half-brother walked Eva down the aisle simultaneously.

After the wedding, the four honeymooned together in the Smoky Mountains for a week.

The families used to frequently see each other at family get-togethers. These days, the twins keep in contact by attending the Women’s Club and speaking on the phone often.