Editor’s note: This article was written by the following students from Coesse Elementary School: LIlly Joseph, Ava Harrison, Emma Lamvert, Samantha Bloomfield, Kayla Bower, Olivia Wood, Maxwell Mckinney, Dylan Pape and Annabell Hoag.

COLUMBIA CITY — Have you heard the news? There is going to be a new high school finished by 2020. It’s about time we build a new high school, because our old one was built in 1958. That means our old school is around 60 years old.

There used to be nine houses along a tiny stretch of State Road 9. Whitley County Consolidated Schools bought the houses on State Road 9 and tore them down to make room for the new high school.

Jacob Hoag, head technician of WCCS, explained why the houses were bought by the school in this statement, “As a result, the homeowners would have had to connect to the WCCS system, or the city sewer system. This would have come at a substantial cost to the homeowners. If they connected to the WCCS system the homeowners would have had to pay to connect and they would have had to pay to have their septic tanks emptied while the new system was constructed. The city sewer lines do not currently extend out to this location, so if they chose to connect to the city, they would have had to pay the costs associated with running sewage lines out to this location and connecting each of the houses. Ultimately, the homeowners opted to sell their properties to the school system.”

Some people wonder why the new high school is being built where it is. Hoag replied to that question saying, “the land where Indian Springs and Little Turtle sit was purchased years ago with the intent of building a new high school on this site. The other buildings were situated leaving enough space for this project. If we were to build the high school on another property it would have cost a lot more money to purchase the property and to develop the roads.”

In conclusion, the houses were torn down because of the sewer system. They are building a new high school and tearing down the old one. They will be using some of the space at the old high school to add to Morsches Park of Columbia City. Do you agree with WCCS building a new high school?