Whitley County Master Gardeners had the opportunity to learn from one of their own at this month’s Master Gardener meeting Aug. 2.

Alan Boggs is a Master Gardener and was a professional landscaper for several years prior to his retirement.

“His own yard is a testament to the beauty of landscaping as well as the time and effort that goes into creating and maintaining the property,” said Johan Bernard, fellow Master Gardener.

Boggs’ educational segment covered the benefits of landscaping and its impact both economically, socially, physically, ecologically and spiritually.

The next Master Gardener meeting is Sept. 6 and will include an educational segment dealing with seed collecting. Travis Trump, an active spokesman of seed collecting and saving, will share his experiences in this area.

If you have an interest in this topic, it may be a good idea to bring a seed pod and discuss the many aspects of that particular pod that you find interesting or have questions about.

The Master Gardeners’ educational meetings are 7:15 p.m. on the first Thursdays of each month at Parkview Whitley Hospital in Classroom B in the basement.