COLUMBIA CITY — The general election is just around the corner. In November, voters will have the opportunity to make selections in several races, including local school boards, county, township and town seats.

Whitko Community Schools has the most highly contested races, with four candidates vying for one position, and two for the other open seat.

In District 4, which includes Washington, Monroe and Jackson townships in Kosciusko County, Bill Patrick is running against Richard Jason Thomas.

District 5 includes Richland and Cleveland townships. Candidates are Annette Arnold, Dale Anthony Starkey, Jorell Tucker and Scott Werstler.

Whitley County Consolidated Schools has no contested school board races for its four open seats. Candidates are incumbents Donald Armstrong (Columbia City), Timothy Bloom (Columbia City) and Mary Ann Schaefer (Thorncreek).

David Smith is a newcomer for the Columbia Township school board seat.

Smith-Green Community Schools has two at-large school board positions open. Running are incumbents Jeremy Hart and Cathy Petrie, as well as Jane Elliott.

There are two open seats on the Churubusco Town Council. A recent town convention narrowed the Republican candidates to incumbent Bruce Johnson and Nathan Van Horn. Todd Shively is running as a Democrat.

Out of 10 open seats in county government, only one race is contested: County Council District 3, which includes Columbia 1-8 precincts. Timothy Kumfer (R), is running against Jamie Cline (D) in the race.

Running unopposed in the county election are:

Cindy Doolittle (R), clerk of Circuit Court

Jana Schinbeckler (R), auditor

Rosemary Brown (R), recorder

Marcus Gatton (R), sheriff

Kimberly Erdly (R), assessor

George Schrumpf (R), commissioner District 2

John Barrett (R), council District 1

Kim Wheeler (R), council District 2

Thomas Warner (R), council District 4

All nine township trustee races are unopposed.

Cleveland: James Yeager (R)

Columbia: Mike Myers (R)

Etna Troy: Elaine Western (R)

Jefferson: Stephanie Nix (R)

Richland: Jennifer Patrick (R)

Smith: Patty Amber (R)

Thorncreek: Eugene Heckman (R)

Union: Mark Roach (R)

Washington: Kevin Bollinger (D)

Each Township Board can have three members.

Cleveland: Judith Earnhart (R), Butch Sterner (R), Stephen Weber (R)

Columbia: Matt Boyd (R), Cristina Rider (R), Brandon Smith (R), Jason Cline (D)

Etna Troy: David Heckman (R), Jeanne Rethlake (R), Joan Western (R), Amanda Meier (D), Karen Treat (D)

Jefferson: John Plant (R), Michael Hinen (D), Valorie Plant (D)

Richland: Steven Hoopingarner (R), Eddie Myers (R), Stan Studebaker (R)

Smith: Carole Jacquay (R), Kathy Shively (R), Max Zimmerman (R), Jeanne Raines (D)

Thorncreek: Joy Bennett (R), Ryan Geiger (R), Adam Hurley (R)

Union: Brandon Forrester (R), Dick Kyler (R), William Minnick (R), Kristine Hoppus (D), Nancy Nesbitt (D)

Washington: Ritter Cox (R), Ryan Walter (R), John Hilligoss (D)