Pictured with Bailee Yount are, from left: Jody Prime, Emanuel Zepada, Shawn Yount, Bailee Yount, horse “Equities,” Elizabeth Beauchamp, Victor Beauchamp, Vivian Bauchamp, Mary Robertson, and Tom Robertson.

COLUMBIA CITY — Sometimes you never really know what you’re good at until you try something. Hidden talent can come out in any activity.

At the beginning of August, Columbia City’s Bailee Yount discovered just how good she has become at showing horses.

Yount was in Oklahoma City for the American Quarter Horse Association Youth World competition. Showing a horse owned by Tom Roberston from Michigan, Yount turned in her best results ever at a show. She earned a bronze in the Level 3 group and was the World Champion in the Level 2 group going up against 27 other horses.

“It was a really cool experience,” Yount said.

Yount was showing in the Aged Mare Division with a 4-year-old named Equities. Yount said the horse is nicknamed Weezie because of a snorting noise she makes, which drew the attention of some of the other participants.

At the show in Oklahoma City, Yount was just hoping to place. There were only two other girls at the competition in Oklahoma that Yount had ever shown against before, and they had both beaten her. Yount and her family were in Oklahoma for five days.

Yount is the daughter of Shawn Yount and Julie Briggs. She got into showing horses about a year ago because her dad’s girlfriend shows horses and it really caught her attention. Now with the win in Oklahoma City, Yount said she is really looking forward to her next shows.

“It really makes me feel a lot better going in to this next show,” Yount said. “It’s a very prestigious show.”

Yount has been competing in about two shows every month since the start of the year. Her next competition is in October in Columbus, Ohio, then she will be in Iowa for a show in December. At the show in Ohio, Yount will be showing a gelding.

Along with participating in horse competitions across the country, Yount is also starting a new chapter in her life. She just moved in to her dorm and started her freshman year at Holy Cross in South Bend. She said she is undecided on what she wants to go to school for as of yet, but really likes the school so far.