COLUMBIA CITY — Trying to balance the responsibilities of family and work can be a real challenge. Add the pressures of higher education requirements to the mix, and one could easily feel overwhelmed.

The Community Foundation of Whitley County holds the Horizons of Hope Fund, which was established to recognize and encourage single parents who have returned to school. Created to help lighten the load, Horizons of Hope assistance can be used for tuition expenses, books, supplies, transportation, childcare or other living expenses.

Single parents in Whitley County currently enrolled in classes are eligible for assistance. All applicants must be referred to the Foundation by a social service agency, church or school. Assistance is available up to $500 per semester, for parents with full or partial custody of their children and who have not previously earned a 4-year degree. Agencies referring a candidate should contact Sheena Stewart at (260) 244-5224.