COLUMBIA CITY — Every coach in any sport started somewhere. They learned the nuances of their game, honed their skills, and developed a love for a sport.

Most coaches started out as players themselves and now have the chance to pass that knowledge along to others. Greensburg High School head football coach Scott Moore developed his love for coaching after playing at Columbia City, and is now teaching the values of the game he learned to his own players.

Moore was the starting quarterback for the Eagles in the 1991 and 1992 seasons, playing for former Columbia City head coach Ron Frickey. Moore passed for 1,812 yards and 44 touchdowns in those two seasons. His play for the Eagles was good enough to earn him a spot at St. Joseph’s College, where he was a four-year member of the football team.

At St. Joe, Moore majored in education and knew one thing when he graduated — he wanted to coach. But, first he had to find a job. Moore happened upon a fourth-grade opening at Greensburg, and the school was also looking for a varsity football assistant.

That opening in 1998 was just the chance Moore needed. After spending time as an assistant, Moore was promoted to the head coaching position midway through the 2008 season. From there, he was able to start instituting a new brand of football for the Pirates.

“Coach Frickey was a huge mentor for me,” said Moore. “Some of the things we have established as traditions here, we got from coach Frickey.”

Moore said his focus as a coach has always been paying attention to his players. He encourages them to play multiple sports and lets the parents of his players know he is not just there to teach them the game, but to make the kids better people also.

“The bond you form with a kid you see every day is pretty awesome,” said Moore. “We are involved in a lot of aspects in these kids’ lives.”

Moore and the Pirates use a double-tight wishbone offense. While most schools are putting their quarterback in the shotgun and trying to throw the ball, Greensburg is pounding running backs up the middle and running the quarterback option around the outside of defenses. Injuries slowed the team down a bit this season, but Moore delivered consistent success for the program.

Just finishing his 11th season, Moore is the school’s career leader in wins with 55. In 2012, the Pirates won a sectional title for only the second time in school history.

While most people know Moore as the football coach he has done more than that. In his time at Greensburg, Moore has coached junior high kids, as well as girls basketball. He was also the school’s baseball coach for 10 years and guided Greensburg to the Final Four in 2008.

As the years of experience coaching continue, Moore’s kids are getting older. His youngest son is 5 and his middle son is 13. Moore’s oldest son, Avery, is now on the Greensburg football team, which has presented a new challenge as Moore tries to balance the duties of coach and dad.

Regardless of who is on the team for Greensburg, Moore said the message he delivers is always the same and one he learned from Frickey.

“No one is ever going to hand us anything, we have to earn it,” said Moore. “We are very blue collar and do whatever we have to do to win.”

Moore and Greensburg recently learned they would play Batesville in the first round of sectional play. Batesville beat the Pirates earlier in the season but with key players on Greensburg now healthy Moore feels like his team has a good chance of advancing in the tournament.