The stage in the Churubusco Jr.-Sr. High School auditorium will celebrate the contributions and legacy of Harold Norman, a retired English teacher and theatre director.

During its meeting on Monday, Jan. 28, the Smith-Green Community Schools board of trustees adopted a resolution that established the school’s stage would be named after Norman.

“Norman tirelessly dedicated years of his service to the students of SGCS,” Superintendent Dan Hile read from the resolution. “He served as a tremendous ambassador for a number of years. … Harold Norman has brought the highest level of honor to the SGCS community.”

Norman was visibly touched by the sentiment and kind words shared by Hile. A ceremony to dedicate the stage is set for May 25 and will feature Churubusco musical alumni performing for their former director.

The board also revisited an item on the agenda that had been tabled in December regarding the installation of additional security cameras around the school property. Between these meetings, Hile once again met with Esco Communications and got a more accurate cost estimate. The board approved the project, which will cost just more than $63,000 and will include more cameras in the school parking lot, at the bus garage and on the visitor’s side of the football stadium.

Ryan Coates of MapleNet Wireless presented a proposal to the board that would see MapleNet utilizing some space in the school in order to expand resident access to broadband.

“MapleNet was approached by Whitley County Economic Development and the town of Churubusco,” Coates said. “It was made known to us that there was a definite need for decent broadband in the community and that is what we specialize in. … We see this community as a great addition to us and an area we’d like to be involved in and help bridge that gap.”

The proposal placed in front of the board members, according to member Jeremy Hart, was vague, but Coates assured the board that all he wanted from this meeting was word that the board was willing to explore this potential partnership further. Hile stated that this was a solid way to help foster population growth and economic development in Churubusco.

“This makes a lot of sense to me,” Hile said. “I feel like we need to play our part in helping increase the attractiveness of our community.”

Board member Dean Geiger agreed and noted that this expanded broadband access would also help students as the school expands its use of e-learning days. The board did not formally vote, but advised Coates that all members were in favor of taking the next steps to get a more detailed blueprint.