COLUMBIA CITY — A baby was surrendered to local officials Tuesday, Feb. 19, according to Safe Haven Baby Boxes. 

A parent called the organization’s National Safe Haven Hotline early Tuesday morning, seeking a baby box near them, according to the organization’s Facebook page. 

The infant was turned over to authorities in Columbia City, which was confirmed by the Columbia City Police Department.

The child was reported to be in good health, according to Mayor Ryan Daniel.

“To our knowledge, this is the first time that a child has been surrendered to the city under this law,” Daniel said.

Just one day prior, an infant was turned over in Kosciusko County, days before the Warsaw City Council was to vote on a proposed baby box in the city. 

The mother in Kosciusko County also called the Save Haven Hotline. 

The 24-hour Safe Haven Hotline is (866) 99BABY1.

“I want to thank our dispatchers and firefighters who were there for the woman and her newborn,” Daniel said. “They showed tremendous care and consideration for both individuals. I also want to thank the Safe Haven Baby Boxes Hotline for working with all parties to ensure the safe passage of this child.”