COLUMBIA CITY — A Columbia City woman admitted to battering a Columbia City Police officer in Whitley Circuit Court last week.

On October 30, 2018, local law enforcement officers responded to Hill’s residence on Main Street after she reportedly was calling the county sheriff’s department and yelling profanities.

Hill was warned of harassment as she was “intoxicated, calling dispatch repeatedly, exhibiting an abusive attitude and yelling profanities with no attempt of legitimate communication,” a police report stated.

At one point, Hill reportedly pulled an electric stun device on CCPD officer Scott Valentic and Deputy Jon Stoffel, pointing it toward them, the report states.

Hill then started calling the city dispatch with similar behaviors, and police returned to her residence, where she, “said a man named Larry was building a bomb or a gun, and that he was taking money from her bank account,” the report states.

CCPD Officer Caleb Cook told Hill she was going to jail for harassing behavior, and she said, “No.” Stoffel and Cook attempted to stand her up to arrest her, and she reportedly pulled her hands away and tried to walk away. At one point, she grabbed CCPD Officer Heath Fearnow’s vest, and was pushing back against Cook while he was attempting to walk her to the police car.

Cook transported Hill to the hospital due to potential intoxication, and when he opened the door to retrieve her, she reportedly kicked Cook in the midsection. Cook’s report states Hill was being loud in the hospital and repeatedly got up from her hospital bed.

“Kathy kicked her leg at me again after I ordered her to be quiet,” Cook said in his report.

Hill was arrested three times in 2018 — first in January for disorderly conduct and intimidation, then in June for probation violation, and finally in October for the altercation involving the officers.

Hill pleaded guilty in Whitley Circuit Court last week as part of a plea deal, and will serve one year, pay a $200 fine as well as court costs.

Hill was originally charged with intimidation, battery against a public official, resisting law enforcement and disorderly conduct. In exchange for her guilty plea, the resisting law enforcement and disorderly conduct charges, Class A and B misdemeanors, were dropped.

Several others pleaded guilty last week, including:

• Joshua Dauscher, 40, of Albion, for a burglary that occurred between July 1-6. He will be sentenced April 1.

• Dylan Pettiet, 25, of Columbia City, admitted to possession of methamphetamine. He will be sentenced April 8.

• Lakin Hall, 25, of Columbia City, pleaded guilty to theft, carrying a handgun without a license and false informing. In return, charges of conversion, possession of methamphetamine and possession of paraphernalia were dropped. It was reported that Hall is seven months pregnant and has multiple cases in other counties. “You have a lot going on. Why are you committing these crimes?” Judge Rentschler asked. Hall said she has successfully completed rehab for meth and has been sober from that drug for nine months. Due to her other charges, Rentschler suspended her sentence, but will stack her charges, and if she commits further crimes, she will serve a long sentence. “It’s an incentive to behave appropriately,” Rentschler said. Hall was sentenced to one year for the handgun charge and 180 days for false informing.

In other court news:

• Josh Pence was sentenced for domestic battery in the presence of a child for 2.5 years with six months executed. “I hope this is your last — it’s certainly not your first,” Judge Matthew Rentschler said.

• Deandrew Halliburton appeared without legal representation and has requested a speedy trial in his auto theft case. He is not requesting a public defender and indicated he would find his own lawyer. Rentschler said he would consider a public defender to assist him with the trial, but that Halliburton could not wait until the final days to make that request. The jury trial is set for April 10-11.