FORT WAYNE — A Columbia City couple was arrested in Fort Wayne this week after they were found passed out in their vehicle — with a toddler inside — after allegedly using heroin. 

The father and mother were found after midnight on Tuesday in a Walmart parking lot in Fort Wayne. According to a probable cause affidavit, someone called police after finding the couple “who kept passing out.” 

The vehicle was reportedly running, with the lights and windshield wipers on at a high speed. The toddler was allegedly standing on the mothers lap, playing with the steering wheel, turn signal and wiper blades. 

The mother, identified as Megan Gawthrop, and father Bryce Carrier, were arrested. Carrier admitted to police that he’d snorted .03 grams or heroin before going into the store to purchase a toy for the child. Gawthrop said she used a “small amount” of heroin. 

They are facing preliminary charges of neglect of a dependent in Allen County.