In an era of social media and individualism, we want to remind Whitley County residents of the importance of being informed — to make decisions and statements based on fact and to seek out the truth. While that is always our goal as a news organization, that is not the case for many on social media.

Last week, we wrote an article about the E. coli bacteria that is in our ditches, streams and lakes in Whitley County. The article clearly stated that drinking water has not been compromised. However, many individuals shared our article, stating that they will not be drinking water in Whitley County anymore. While it is always important to be cautious — and if you have concerns, certainly contact the health department — the spirit of the article was to discuss the possible consequences of sewage runoff in the county that is causing an environmental impact.

Similarly, with many polarizing topics in the county right now — the Regional Sewer District, confined farming operations, agricultural zoning, and various government projects — much misinformation is being spread. While we encourage everyone in the county to form an opinion and exercise their right to express their opinion, we urge individuals to do their research and make informed decisions. Many times on social media or in group settings, statements are being made that are simply not true, and only further the polarization of certain topics.

That’s not the spirit of Whitley County — it’s not who we are. We can’t always believe what we hear after a long line of the “telephone” game, or what someone posts on social media. However, as Whitley County’s most read newspaper, we strive to provide you with the facts so that you CAN make informed opinions, but you should also know that nearly all government meetings are open to the public — you can hear it for yourselves. 

Our View is written by the staff at IN|Whitley County.